What to expect during your inspection! 

When you hire Southern Home Inspections you will notice several things. First off, I show up on time, every time. In fact, I am usually early and waiting on clients. Your time is valuable; I do not want to keep you waiting. I will also have all of the sub-contractors there on time or early as well. You will notice that I will introduce myself to all participants; I will be properly dressed and presentable. I have a method for inspecting which usually entails doing the exterior of a home first and then moving to the interior. Everything is checked, electrical, plumbing, structure, pool, foundation, roof, appliances. I welcome my clients to follow along because once they see me in action they know I am looking out for them. Most are satisfied to just “keep an eye on me” once they are comfortable that I am doing the right thing. The average inspection takes about 1.5 to two hours. At the end of the inspection I will go over everything I have found and, depending upon the wishes of the customer, I will report to everyone in attendance at once or just the client independently. Once the inspection is complete and there are no additional questions payment is due, and reports are generated and delivered via PDF file the night of the inspection.