New Construction Punch lists

​​You may be interested to know that new construction inspections usually turn up more defects then a late model well-maintained resale. I am constantly reminded that many folks out there just assume that a new house will be perfectly fine. The average home buyer thinks that if anything goes wrong the builder will fix it. Therefore, why should anyone spend a dime to inspect a new house? Well, not so fast. Most housing defects take some time to manifest themselves. Often a defect will take more than a year to show up. Did you know your new house is probably only warranted for one year? So what kinds of things can I find on a new house? Read the partial list below then call Southern for a professional punch list. 

  • Air conditioner ducts that are not connected or walled over. This usually happens in closets but in some cases entire rooms can be lacking a duct. I find these things using thermal scanning technology, something your builder does not use. 
  • Fan hoods that should be vented out of the house but never are. This is a prime example of something that will take about a year to show up. Usually an owner will complain of a bad smell in an adjacent room. 
  • Insulation that was never installed in an attic. Believe it or not, this happens. Just like everything else on this page, I have personally seen these things. 
  • Slow plumbing leaks. 
  • Dead electrical outlets. 
  • Lack of hot water at one or more locations. 
  • Poor water flow. 
  • Exterior wall leaks. 
  • Doors that will not close or open. 
  • Lights that do not work. 
  • Dryer vents that go nowhere.