Do I get a report? 

​​I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this question! Several years back I was alerted to an inspector who moved here from another state and presented his report on a sheet of notebook paper! I suppose that given someone was actually doing this it may seem logical to ask if there is going to be a real report. 
Beginning in 2017 Southern Home Inspections has fully revamped our inspection reporting. Since 1999 we have used a PDF based report that was simply emailed to the client. While this has served well for all these years, as of 2017 we found it was lacking and in need of a reboot. Currently reports are generated on a web based platform. Customers and agents are now able to log onto a third party web site, view, print, save and forward reports as needed.  The reports are always on the site and can be accessed via passcode anytime. Reports are done in full HTML format so the reader has the option to navigate the report via hot keys and can enlarge the many photos imbedded into the report. The client also has an option of creating a condensed “punch list” for the seller