Thermal Imaging‚Äč

Southern Home also offers thermal based leak detection. Thermal imaging equipment has only been commercially viable for use in the inspection field since about 2005. The cost of the equipment was simply too cost prohibitive for most companies. To this day the equipment is still too costly for most inspection companies, so they do not offer the service.  Southern was an early adopter of this technology, purchasing the equipment in early 2004. The company has been a leader in non-invasive leak detection ever since. 

When the equipment is pointed at the inside of a building a considerable amount of information becomes available. These are a few of the things that can be seen when using a thermal camera within a building:  Hidden water leaks, open air conditioner ducts, missing insulation, overheated electrical circuits, leaking air or hot walls in poorly insulated sections of the building

On inspections, and at a slightly additional cost, I can employ the thermal camera to check for hidden air or water leaks, overheated electrical and air conditioner issues. I will also check for good coverage of insulation in the process.