What does an inspection cost? 

While the fees for inspections on single family homes, condos, and other types of residential structures remains largely constant, it is impossible to simply list one rate and assume the cost is going to be applicable. Please call Southern Home Inspections for a quote. You will also gain some valuable insight into what to expect on your inspection and exactly what you are paying for, which brings me to the second most often asked question. 

What can I expect? 

Inspections cover all major components of a house or other structure. This includes roof, electrical, plumbing, structural, and more. There is simply too much to spell out here. Note that inspections never include cosmetic items, or items of a personal nature. However if you call I can tell you in great detail how it all works. 

Do you write a report and does it have pricing? 

Yes and yes. There is a detailed computer generated report that accompanies all inspections that will give you a full comprehensive overview of everything in the house and at the back will give you an easy to follow list of all defects with approximate repair costs. Reports are generated and available the night of the inspection. 

What guarantees are there? 

You may be shocked to know there are no guarantees. A good inspector will give you a very comprehensive evaluation of all known defects at the time of inspection. Inspections are limited in that only visible aspects are inspected. Inspectors are limited and are unable to open walls or do any destructive testing. This does not mean there are not clues, having an inspector with 18+ years of experience goes a long way.

Are there any other questions?

Yes, there are countless other questions. Please feel free to call and ask all the questions you can think of. The inspection is all about you, the client, I want you to feel comfortable and know that your best interest is always my top priority.